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Cooking The Album: MF DOOM MM..FOOD

cooking the album mf doom mm food
“Running desperately low on food, they were forced to turn back”


In 2018, I gave up on the bullshit of the NYC restaurant industry.

I once had my own BBQ joint in the middle of zero fucking nowhere. I came back to Brooklyn and had a series of bad professional decisions that were mostly driven by the quest for cash. I started this site and the Music & Food project because, after a cookbook for my old Q joint, I needed a new project, a new passion. That led to More Recipes About Music & Food

Let’s be VERY clear: my obsession with menu puns pre-dates Bob’s Burgers. Yeah, Bob’s Burgers is great, but I (and others like me) were doing this shit YEARS before them. Puns in any form are genius. Add them to a menu and make customers order them is double plus good. So, over the course of my 8-year professional career, I made recipes with punny names. Those puns tended to be musically based (as I am a former music industry geek) and so when I looked for a project name, I settled on a riff on the Talking Heads debut album, More Songs About Buildings & Food. Hence, More Songs About Music & Food was born. 

The project has mostly been about random songs or bands that fit a food pun, but one day, while crate digging on Spotify to find some recipe titles, I found something extremely unexpected:

A whole album that reads like a menu.

To be specific, MF DOOM’s “MM..FOOD”. 15 tracks from the sci-fi ninja of underground hip-hop with food-inspired titles (though technically two are questionable from a culinary standpoint). I KNEW this needed to be my next recipe zine project. I would come up with a cookbook that created recipes for every track (even the questionable ones) on this album.

This means I’m kicking off the sub-project Cooking The Album.

Technically this is MF DOOM’s sophomore release, the follow-up to Operation: Doomsday, even though he released three other albums in-between under other monikers. Pitchfork gave this a 7.5 which is not a bad score from the music nerd douchebags at P-Fork but this album is better than that. I’m not saying a 10, but definitely a high 8 maybe 9. To be clear, this is NOT a “food rap” album. The subject matter is the usual friends, rivals, girls, weed, haters, etc. To quote Pitchfork (and I agree): “Here Doom wants nothing more than to score some Clever Points with quirky one-liners over tight beats.”

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

It’s occasionally uneven with some questionable &  cringe-worthy lyrics, but music criticism is not the point here. It’s about taking an album where DOOM laid out a 15-dish menu and turning that motherfucker into a recipe zine. This is a work in progress. New recipes are added as completed. Keep an eye on this page for updates and the release of MM..FOOD The Zine

Beef Rap
Asian lettuce beef wraps

Hoe Cakes
also known as Southern Johnnycakes

Chicken wings with its mumbo sauce

One Beer

Deep Fried Frenz
Grilled cheese & tomato soup dumplings

Poo-Putt Platter
An appetizer sampler truly fit for DOOM

A jacked-up Filet-O-Fish

Straight-up Cajun Gumbo

Fig Leaf Bi-Carbonate
A healthy dessert fig bar

Kon Karne
Full-on beef chili – no god damn beans, big chunks of beef, spicy as fuck

Guinness Rice Krispy treats

Kon Queso
Spicy queso dip with homemade tortilla chips

Rapp Snitch Knishes
A chopped cheese knish

A shot recipe from the lowest depths of DOOM Hell

Brilliant fucking chocolate chip cookies

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    • Frank Davis

      I’m working on it. Actually, have been for over 3 years now. Life keeps getting in the way but I’m hoping maybe this year will finally be the year I finally finish this & publish. Stay tuned.

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