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MF DOOM : One Beer

one beer michelada brooklyn pilsner mf doom
“It’s on me – put it on my tab, kid”

Inspired by MF DOOM “One Beer” from MM..FOOD
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This is part of the Cooking The Album project for MF DOOM’s MM..FOOD, and one of two drink titles on the album.

I get no kick from champagne
Their alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all
So tell me why shouldn’t it be true?
I get a kick out of brew

A party with one beer left. An open bar where everyone leaves after an hour. Wannabe challengers. Strong weed. Groupies wanting autographs. Pizza from the pizza guy. A hard pass on the Cristal, he’ll take a beer. Just a typical night out with DOOM.

I have ZERO love for anything connected to brunch, but I definitely have a soft spot in my liver for Bloody Mary’s. The spicier the better. It wasn’t until I moved to Bushwick that my Bloody Mary obsession would be supplanted by the almighty Michelada.

Much lighter and more session style drink than the Mary, it’s essentially a jacked-up pilsner with lime, hot sauce and a variety of salt components. While you could mix chili powder and salt for this recipe, I highly recommend seeking out Tajin. It’s a Mexican seasoning consisting primarily of chile peppers, lime, and salt. You should also get some Maggi sauce. It’s like some strange crossbreed of Worcestershire and soy sauce. Both Tajin and Maggi sauce can usually be found in the Latin food section of a good grocery. Yes, this recipe uses both Worcestershire and Maggi sauce, but the two combine to create incredible umami. 

While this is a great drink at any time of the year, it is especially suited to a spring or summer outdoor hang eating a breakfast burrito or really ANY burrito. I guarantee you will not stop at just one beer.

Pilsner beer, lime juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire, Maggi, and Tajin
Makes 1 drink

Tajín or another chili-salt blend (but really it should be Tajin)
2 ounces fresh juice from 2 limes, half a juiced lime reserved for the rim
2 teaspoons hot sauce, preferably a Mexican-style brand like Valentina
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon Maggi sauce
1 12-ounce can or bottle of pilsner or light Mexican beer, such as Modelo, Pacífico, Tecate, Victoria, or Corona, well chilled

Pour Tajín (or other chili-salt mixture) or salt into a small, shallow dish in an even layer. Rub a pint or pilsner glass’s rim with the cut side of the reserved juiced lime half, then dip the glass into the dish to create a salt rim.

Set glass right side up and fill with lime juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire, and Maggi sauce. Fill the glass with ice, and top with beer. Stir gently if you want to mix it up a bit. Serve with remaining beer, topping up as you drink.

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