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About Me

I didn’t choose recipe writing.
Recipe writing chose me.

I spent a great deal of my professional life in the music industry & technology. I’m a reformed collector nerd who still loves music but is fine with music online. I am also a decent cook. Not a chef – just a strong cook with a love for fresh food from scratch. When my time in the music and tech industry was winding down, I lept into food because I was completely ignorant of the brutality of hospitality. I spent several years as an owner, kitchen manager, and operations manager for a variety of casual comfort food restaurants and bars.

More Recipes About Music & Food launched in January 2018 when I decided to take a break from the restaurant biz to write a cookbook. It’s just a simple recipe blog collecting the array of recipe puns I’ve made over the years. Once I finished my first DIY cookbook, I decided to turn Music & Food into a series of recipes zines. Each issue is a specific topic (hot dogs, vegetarian, sandwiches, tacos, etc.) with the issue title as a nod to an important album in my musical history.

So, basically, I am a record nerd turned webgeek & design dork turned food curmudgeon with a deep love for simple comfort food, easy-to-follow recipes, and any pun – especially those with cultural references. My usual cuisine choices are Tex-Mex, Korean, and Southern Comfort. 2020 & Pandemic Lockdown made me expand my horizons and face a few cooking fears including learning how to bake with yeast. I did not join the Cult Of Sourdough, but I have come a long way in making yeast a good acquaintance if not a friend. I also discovered how easy it is to ferment tepache and that tepache margaritas as severely underappreciated. I believe “elevated bar menus” are an oxymoron, more people need to cook at home, and there’s never a reason to eat or drink at a chain restaurant.