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more recipes about music and food recipe zines hot dog vegetarian sandwiches“Two time, two-ton hangover king. The bride wore black. We were ready to swing.”

Theme song by The Smithereens “Top Of The Pops” from Blow Up
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What? Did you think I wouldn’t make a music pun for the BGC Shop?

The Smithereens had only a moderate amount of success in the late ’80s / early ’90s despite being of the greatest live bands I’ve ever seen. No fancy staging or schticks, just a solid four-piece combo providing the kind of straight-forward rock-pop that was ubiquitous in the late ’80s. They were the best kind of bar band. Talented as hell but still basically the guys that live next door. They also had the ability to craft some fairly serious earwigs. I dare anyone to listen to “House We Used To Live In” and not suddenly get the end call and response on loop ion your head. The inspiration track for my store is one of my favorite Smithereens songs and I guarantee you’ll be humming it days after you hear it.


While it’s true every recipe I make for More Recipes About Music & Food generally ends up as a BGC HQ meal, I still need to raise the funds to publish zines, buy ingredients, and compensate for the test kitchen fails that are inevitable for a site like this. Plus I need a shop to sell the zines I’ve published. This store is a combination of things I make and ship as well as t-shirts and merchandise fulfilled by Printful. I hope you’ll take a moment to look through the shop and perhaps buy a couple of items to support DIY publishing and help me pay a few bills. The more support I get for the world at large, the more projects I can create and publish.

Printful makes my t-shirts and merchandise. I print the zines, books, and collectibles. For that reason, you might see two different sets of shipping options in your cart. The first is for anything in the shop shipping from Printful. The second is for the rest of the order shipping directly from me.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.


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