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Ketamine For Breakfast

beef hot dog pimento cheese scrambled eggs takis kate tempest
“If you’re bad to me, I will like you more”

Theme song by Kae Tempest “Ketamine For Breakfast” from Let Them Eat Chaos
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(a half-ass poem for a half-ass recipe)

You deserve a better recipe than this one.

Your work
Bold, brilliant, beautiful
Old school poetry slam
New school hip-hop.
You deserve a better recipe than this one.

Though to be honest
The lyric inspiration is
Pretty fucking accurate
When it comes to this shit recipe
That you truly don’t deserve.

And yes, this does taste
Like Ketamine For Breakfast
And the effects of both
Are pretty similar
The vague feeling you’re killing yourself
But for some reason
You don’t really care.

You deserved a better recipe than this.

Beef hot dog, pimento cheese, scrambled eggs and crushed Takis on a potato bun
Make 2 sandwiches

2 beef hot dogs
2 eggs
Pimento cheese
Takis (or Doritos if you live in a Takis free zone)
2 potato rolls

Open a hot dog bun and spread a generous amount of pimento cheese on the inside. Set aside.

Heat a skillet over medium heat. Split the hot dogs lengthwise, leaving a hinge, and place in the hot pan cut side down. Cook a couple of minutes until lightly charred. Flip them and cook for two more minutes until lightly charred. Take the hot dogs out of the skillet and place them in the buns. Leave the hot dog grease in the skillet,  add a bit of butter and scramble the eggs. Divide the scrambled eggs between the two hot dogs. Top with crushed Takis or Doritos. Add hot sauce if that’s your thing.

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