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Lord Of The Fries

loaded fries black bean chili cheddar sour cream aerosmith lord of the fries“You must’ve come here to find it. You’ve got the look in your eyes”

Inspired by Aerosmith “Lord Of The Thighs” from Get Your Wings
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The first four Aerosmith albums are all classics of ’70s bar band rock. Sleazy, testosterone anthems with a screeching Steven Tyler and the bluesy guitar of Joe Perry. It was the perfect soundtrack to high school years spent sneaking beers, smoking weed, driving a Camaro, wearing too much polyester, and believing yourself cooler than you actually were. It was the soundtrack to a certain time and likely the reason post-’70s Aerosmith sucks. I remain a major fan of those first four albums, but Aerosmith was dead to me after Rocks.

I have been an Aerosmith fan for almost four decades. I have been making Loaded Fries professionally for about a decade. That I have never put this song together with a Loaded Fries menu item actually makes me a bit ashamed. It would also be a great name for a chicken thigh sandwich.

This came about due to left over black bean chili. I was planning on making Frito pies with it. Cherie suggested loaded fries. Loaded fries won. To be honest, I did not actually make oven fries from scratch for this. I generally find the effort required to make great oven fries is often not really worth it. I usually hit my local grocery and grab a bag of Alexa Oven Fries. If you feel you MUST make your oven fries from scratch, I suggest checking out this recipe at Kitchn.

I believe loaded fries should be made with shredded cheese. While cheese sauce is delicious, it ultimately ends up making a paste-like mess of the fries. The better method is to layer the shredded cheese with the fries and chili allowing their heat to melt the cheese.

Beyond cheese and chili, the choice of toppings is fairly endless. I kept this particular version vegetarian using only sour cream, scallions & a bit of hot sauce for topping. I do find there is a law of diminishing returns on toppings. These are loaded FRIES and fries should be front and center.

Then again, the choice is yours.

oven fries, black bean chili, pepper jack, sour cream, scallions, Aleppo pepper flakes & hot sauce
Makes 2 servings

1 160z bag Alexa Oven Fries (or homemade oven fries)
2 cups of leftover Black Bean Chili
2 cups of Pepper Jack cheese, shredded
2 scallions, sliced
2 tablespoons sour cream
Aleppo pepper flakes
Hot sauce

Prepare the fries according to package instructions. While fries are cooking, re-heat black bean chili.

Loaded fries are all about layering.

Start with a good fry base. Add a bit of cheese and then chili. More cheese and more chili. Then a bit more cheese and the final topping of your choice.

Eating with a fork is highly recommended.

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