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50,000,000 Veg Fans Can’t Be Wrong (zine)


50,000,000 Veg Fans Can’t Be Wrong – An revised edition of the Music & Food vegetarian recipe zine featuring 16 great plant-based recipes even omnivores will love!

52 pages – color
published by Bushwick Grill Club Press

Plant-based cooking is more popular than ever & I’ve come a long way since releasing my first Music & Food vegetarian zine three years ago. I wanted to update it with some of my new recipes while still keeping a few of my “greatest vegetarian hits.” 50,000,000 Veg Fans Can’t Be Wrong is a revised edition of my original veg zine featuring greatest hits like Hell’s Balls (a spicy seitan ball sub), Dark Side Of The Shroom (vegan mushroom sloppy joe), Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest (broccoli tots) as well as new hits like Neither Fish Nor Flesh (fried tofu & chips), Some Like It Hot (spicy fried chickwheat sandwich), and Vindaloo Sunset (a spicy cauliflower vindaloo) plus many more. 16 great plant-based recipes sure to please music lovers, cooks, and even omnivores.

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 0.5 in


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