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All You Need Is Rub b/w I Love Your Sauce (zine)


The first recipe single from Bushwick Grill Club Press is a six recipe (plus secret bonus recipe) mini-zine featuring three spice rubs and three sauces. Spice up your life & get saucy with it!

12 pages, inkjet color, staple bound

Our first Recipe Single is a six recipe (plus bonus track) drop of spicey rubs & saucy love.

The A-Side features our Buffalo Spice (perfect for both chicken and cauliflower), Taco Spice (kicking Oretaga’s ass since 2018), and Hot Blooded (Chicken & Sea) (our Cajun spice hack & worst Foreigner pun ever.)

The B-Side gets saucy with Szechuan Sauce (a straight-up tribute to Rick Sanchez), Sweet Chili O’ Mine (the best damn sweet chili sauce you’ll ever make), and Chamoy plus a bonus Sorrel recipe (the best dessert sauce & drink recipes you’ve never heard of). 

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × .25 in


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