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All You Need Is Rub

The story has to start somewhere.

You move to the country. Days filled with green mountain views. Your cats thinking they have gone blind & deaf due to the silent pitch black. Battles with aggressive squirrels. You buy a Weber Kettle Grill before you even have a bed. You make friends with local farmers – trade web design for meat – start thinking seriously about BBQ. You fall down the rabbit hole. Two more grills – then a professional smoker. You have to justify the obsession and the massive amount of meat being cooked . You have parties – parties lead to catering – catering leads to a Q joint – which inevitably leads to returning to the city – specifically Bushwick. The country was fine – the city is better. Through all the ups and downs – the crazy slammed days & dead as hell nights – the wondering is it is all worth it – you remember the first true thing you learned with your new life:

All You Need Is Rub – rub is all you need.

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