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Meat Is Murder: Cruelty Free Recipes for the Morrissey Generation (zine)


More Recipes About Music & Food presents issue #2 – an exploration of 14 delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes all inspired by bad musical puns and a desire to cook meat-free.

44 pages – color
published by Bushwick Grill Club Press

The second release in the Music & Food series is without a doubt an obvious one. When given the Holy Grail of musically inspired vegetarian recipe zine titles, one does not ignore an opportunity – one leans into it. So we created a 14 recipe “mixtape” at the crossroads of the retro love of Mozzer and the current vegetarian/vegan zeitgeist. Featuring Hell’s Balls (a spicy seitan ball sub), Thai Your Mother Down (Thai spice roasted cauliflower sandwich), Dark Side Of The Shroom (vegan mushroom sloppy joe), Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest (broccoli tots with sweet chili sauce), and more. A tasty collection of murder-free meals.

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × .5 in


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