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Apples & Oranges

apples and oranges cawston cloudy apple blood orange pink floyd
“What a funny thing to do ’cause I’m feeling very pink”

Inspired by Pink Floyd “Apples & Oranges”
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This is the second appearance for Cawston Press Cloudy Apple at the BGC. To say I am a fan of Cawston Press is an understatement. They are definitely making some of the best canned sparkling drinks on the market. I have no affiliation with them but would gladly do so if asked.

I first ran into this combo on Instagram. As blood oranges are going out of season in Bushwick, I rushed out and found some of the last to put this recipe together. Online, the suggestion was to squeeze a blood orange (or five) into Cloudy Apple. I, of course, wanted a bit more of a measure. I tried a few different mixes but found four ounces of juice to strike the right balance. Make sure to save a couple of orange wheels for garnish.

I was really surprised how well apples and oranges went together. The crisp sweetness of the sparkling apple plays nicely with the tartness of the blood orange. Plus, it is an incredible color. It’s a shame this only really works when you can get in-season blood oranges as it would make a killer summer drink. Then again, you could always find some packages juice, but I guarantee it would not be the same.

Cawston Press Cloudy Apple, fresh blood orange juice, ice
Makes 1 drink

1 can Cawston Press Cloudy Apple
4oz blood orange juice, fresh squeezed

Take a 12oz glass and add 3 -4 ice cubes. Pour the blood orange juice over the ice. Fill the glass with Cloudy Apple. Stir and garnish with a blood orange wedge.

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